Ready to rewrite your
story & create your
dream life?


Is this going to work for me?

It's like anything in life, however much attention, time and energy you give to this, it will work. And once it's established, it becomes muscle memory. So, yes, it is going to work for you. With all the things that we're going to arm you with, you're going to walk out of these sessions as a true manifester.

How much time is this going to add to my schedule?

As much or as little as you want. Some people feel like all they need to do is realign their attention and focus on gratitude and positive things. Others need to do a whole declutter of unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs. And we need to work more closely on the self worth part before we can get into that. So that's a very personal thing. But if anything, five minutes a day minimum for those that are really time poor.

I’ve tried other similar programs in the past and they didn’t work

We feel you on this! One of the key reasons for this is that people are starting before the foundation is created. It's like building a house and starting on the upstairs floor before the foundation slab is even laid. So people are doing manifesting courses and talking about receiving all of the things, but no one is talking about how you have to be in true alignment with the thing that you're asking for or calling in. You can't call in this great, incredible love of your life if you think that you're unlovable and a piece of shit. We are teaching your the foundations you need to focus on clearing so that you can call in the life of your dreams.

 How long do I have access to the program for?

For three months and then we get to offer you a beautiful, beautiful community to simmer in with your learnings.